Student Information

What to bring to class

Please bring a water bottle. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in such as shorts and t-shirt.

Children should bring a folder for their steps. Adults may find a notebook or recording device helpful.


Dance shoes can be found at: Patterson’s in Burlington, Mary Devlin, Fays Shoes. I also have some used shoes for sale.

Children’s Step Dance
Soft shoes (all dancers): girls: ghillies / boys: black jazz shoes. Beginners may wear ballet shoes.
Hard shoes (continuing children): we will use this oxford rather than Irish hard shoes

Adult Step Dance
Soft shoes (all dancers): Ghillies (women), dance sneakers, ballet shoes, or jazz shoes. Beginners may wear socks or light sneakers to the first class.
Hard shoes (continuing adults): Irish hard shoes (Fays recommended)

Any flat, hard-soled shoe, such as an oxford or dress shoe. This oxford is a dance shoe with a good sound.



One More Time – for step dance practice – each type of dance at slow, medium, and regular tempos

Find something you like to listen to! These are some of my favorites for dancing:
Dylan Foley and Dan Gurney – Traditional Irish Music from the Hudson Valley
Catherine McEvoy, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh – Comb Your Hair and Curl It
Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn

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